Empathy for Mom


Generations divided us

And the blind spots between our generational gaps continue to widen 

With the consciousness of an era transferred as a single truth to behold

A single reality contained for the both of us 

17000 BC;






All the above dates were and are concepts that summarize the fleeting transitions of the past, present and the future.

They all existed and will exist because your will permits it.

A plethora of individual moms enduring complex consciousnesses; with the onus of societal epithets mounting pressure on them to give up their minds in exchange for generational approval 

Did you cry for a better future or for a meaningful past?

Moms with geographical perspectives rendering permeable and incontrovertible insight

Evolution thrives because of you; and we vicariously measure the depth of our existence out of your womb

Empathy for mom; the beliefs that held you down and hold you back. 

The pain of your wisdom and the silence of your triumphs

What were you like at 22?

Purpose is a story we invent to navigate our way through the morass of this vast and proverbial universe

Maybe you were also just as ordinary with extraordinary dreams; not knowing that one day,

I would exist. 



“…let there be light.”

Time will tell,

As it always told us,

That in order to exist there need not be a creator

Because a creator is conceptualized out of time, in time, after time, all the time

Time will tell,

As it always told us,

That there’s nothing bigger than its existence

Because for it to be bigger, it requires time for it to grow

Time will tell,

As it always told us,

For there to be light,

Time must have already been around,

Because to have light before time is to die while you are born

Time will tell,

As it always told us,

To use it wisely,

For the day will come

When time will tell, as it always told you,

That life exists within it, your time is simulated in it and you’re born as a manifestation of its mercy

Let there be light,

Let there be time,

Let there be you.

Death Has No Ego

It felt like you were under scrutiny,

Every waking day of your life,

You didn’t own your own representation of yourself, because you were interpreted by many, represented by none

Everything you owned didn’t belong to you, it belonged to your appearances, your history, your fears

So you surrounded yourself with privilege to embody a facile identity without bruising yourself in the process, because how can you have an ego when you own nothing?

Your introspective days were used as moments for self- evaluation of your status to someone else’, to other people

“Who’s better, who’s looking, who’s taking score?”

But the scrutiny became tangible,

Because what you owned and were attached to was an exchange for your acceptance and all your efforts

And this ego, this veil, this ‘self’,

Made you self-edit your vulnerabilities to hide your insecurities in the validation of other people’s’ harsh dispassionate judgement

Now you’re dead…

And your ego continues to live on as a memory

Death obliterated this superficial construct of your existence into the nothingness it always was

Six feet down with all of the pejorative harm left behind to bear by the people staring from above

Death had no ego, why did you?

Memento Mori

it was the day we all, by chance, were in the same space simultaneously

probably a sunny day…

you recalled an incident at work from your memory

and while you were explaining the details of this memory

you couldn’t help but laugh intermittently

…all that joy and laughter deemed inexorable to suppress

and as you sat there,

while tears filled your eyes and your breathing, deepened

we all tried to make sense of this explosion of emotion; trying to calibrate the details for us to sync gently into it and with it

…alas, we never caught the joke!

but that was the freest I had ever seen you

you unintentionally let go and were free from your history, your surrounding, your role, your individuality, your judgement and your mistakes

that’s the memory I stole and turned into a lesson

that’s the memory I practice everyday

the memory of momentary gratitude and of letting go…

God, The Modern Google

Searching or believing

The meaning of words in your religion translated by a system highlighting millions of versions of definitions that appear and exist today before your religion’s time

Which one of these results best represents a divine point of view?

An interface versus your faith

A database of structured proof and researched facts against;a book of cleverly outlined tales and imagined rules

A dual reality practiced by the collective inter subjective conscious realities to believe in material found both online and inside a book

When this body was crucified Google had not existed yet, maybe today this body would be working with Larry Page to rewrite its history

Today a Utopian heaven exists with presumptuously better streamlined information than Google,

Except that to enter Google’s “kingdom” there are no prerequisites: Eat my codes and drink my research, wear this update, and stone all my competitors so that you may inherit eternal life beyond these firewalls

But Google also exists through the collective intentionality of inter subjective beliefs

Maybe God and Google share a common goal: to regulate and disseminate perceived truths and insights on the meaning of life and the profundity of the cycle of human imagination and ingenuity

Google, The Modern God

What’s next? Moses, The Modern Twitter…

The Past’s Eyes

The Past’s Eyes are wary about what is happening now. They hold what is to be gauged and not what is yet to be changed. The eyes are hiding in events, in people, in mistakes. The eyes don’t see, they have insight. The eyes don’t speak, they inform. The Past’s Eyes are none the wiser and is ever being repeated like history on a pendulum. The eyes don’t discriminate they disintegrate into pieces of information to be retold by masses whose interests evoke revolutionary narratives. The eyes are interesting, in that, they see the now unfold only to be locked away into a deep alley of time that could never be revisited. The Past’s Eyes know that someday, you will also need to use it to examine the future that is now before you with your time already locked away into a deep alley only to be re-imagined into a reality which already existed.


Thales of Miletus

as we begin to question what we are thinking about, we begin to understand our own conditioning in the reasoning behind our thoughts. To be rational is to actively seek pragmatism in a world that is rife with capricious gods and invented beliefs.

Thales of our own ignorance.

Thales of all the answers we hope to find, and so we tell ourselves to “dig deeper” as if we hold an essence within us with an all knowing compass to life,

Thales of our insanity.

Thales of an enlightened mind grappling to tell the world that it is nothing but material and matter,

Thales of silence,

because why does it matter to empower sheep?

The Irony in Karl Marx’s Death

We are so certain about what we are predicting that we fail to realize who else is observing us in our certainty. Who else exists to introduce choices that lead to alternative possibilities. The irony is in the outcome of our predictions than the very painstakingly analyzed research we present. The irony is in a world that divides its borders with concocted names to enforce political and social sovereignty already caricaturized by emperors who established verbatim governments from imagined orders. The irony is in believing in our liberal identities created by a liberalized generation which does not exist except through the myriad perceptions and truths that we hold of one another. The irony is that the death of deities will be due to a re-organization of social and ethical institutions when they were imaginatively created a millennia ago by organizations with their own social and ethical institutions. The sky diety emerging from the ether, descending onto earth, organizing its followers to march with to a promise land where an inevitable death will ensue only for the next millennium to rewrite a book to be generationally resocialized. The irony in Karl’s death: appealing to the proletariat, challenging the status quo, predicting the fall of communism only to later die impoverished. The only thing closely related to irony is the fallacy of hindsight, and may you never encounter an irony that could easily have been avoided if only you predicted its hindsight.


The Power of Ignorance

We are in deep contemplation about all the knowledge we have missed. Realizing that we have been incapacitated by our own ignorance. The Power of Ignorance has always been the anecdote to everything we ever lost. This power is the only entity that can freely be disseminated and performed in doses: A completely democratized power. The banality of our creativity can be traced in it. The power of ignorance has enthralled our governments to act merely as administrators and not as vanguards for an already melancholic future. Ignorance has warranted the complacency of masses to follow adage ideologies and to ignore, understate and suppress their capabilities. The power of ignorance is an edifice with a duplicitous point of view, always  deluding and eluding us with impractical information. The power of ignorance has left a progeny of more ignorance to be sampled as new truths for commercial value. Because ignorance is more profitable. Ignorance is more comforting, coveting, condoning. Ignorance can be socialized when knowledge poses a risk to organizational power. The power of ignorance is undoubtedly stronger than the last piece of knowledge you find. The power of knowledge is irrevocably weaker than the rest of the ignorance you don’t admit to.